Terms and Conditions


The following document is a legal agreement between www.sitegriffin.com (SiteGriffin, SiteGriffin Web Solutions) and clients. The legal agreement extends to any personnel connected professionally with SiteGriffinand their interests. These terms clearly state the provisions under which sitegriffin offer website creation, hosting and domain services.

1 – Acceptance of Work

1.1 – Any informal contact concerning the services of SiteGriffin are not legally binding until an official invoice has been received from SiteGriffinstaff. Any invoice from SiteGriffin represents the beginning of the legal agreement between www.sitegriffin.com and a potential client.

1.2 – All services included on the invoice are part of the legal contract, any services not included on the invoice are not a part of the contract and as such SiteGriffin is not responsible for further work until it has been represented in a separate and new invoice.

1.3 – SiteGriffin recommends clients keep a copy of all communications and invoices received and/or sent between themselves and SiteGriffin.

1.4 – SiteGriffin retains the right to withdraw from any potential work before it is officially accepted.

1.5 – Any additional work and services required by the client and not represented in the original invoice must be agreed upon between both parties and a new invoice be produced for said additional work. Any additional work will affect the timescale and progress of any current ongoing project, the client must understand this when the situation arises.

1.6 – The client must agree to provide SiteGriffinwith any information requested concerning the project in question.

1.7 – Hosting services begin exactly one month from the point of purchase.

1.8 – The client agrees and understands that SiteGriffin are web designers and not “developers”. SiteGriffinstaff use premium WordPress themes and plugins to create an optimal experience for clients and users.

1.9 – Prices may vary depending on size and scope of any potential project. Prices advertised are generally representing basic packages available. SiteGriffin staff are available to answer any queries relating to pricing.

1.10 – SiteGriffin will complete required work on the project in accordance with the client’s wishes. If the client chooses to change their minds about aspects of the project after work has begun, a new invoice must be produced to reflect the hours already worked and extra hours that must be worked to complete the project according to the new specification.

1.11 – SiteGriffin provides the client full support for 30 days after any project goes live, clients then have the option to purchase ongoing support which provides full support for a further 12 months. SiteGriffin is obliged to carry out support as outlined in the ongoing support package when purchased by a client.

1.12 – SiteGriffin retains the right to use external businesses and/or freelancers to aid the completion of work when required. Any work carried out by external third parties will be of agreed quality and guaranteed by SiteGriffin to protect the customer.

2- Permissions and Copyright

2.1 – Clients agree that any resources/media provided to SiteGriffin to to aid with the design of any project is either owned by the client or provided with permission of the original author. The client agrees that any lawsuits concerning resources/media will not involve SiteGriffin.

2.2 – The client agrees that SiteGriffin reserves the right to include credits and links within any work completed for the client.

2.3 – Clients agree that SiteGriffinreserve the right to include any work completed for the client in a portfolio to further the interests of SiteGriffin.

2.4 – The client agrees to abide by the terms of any software/content included in any potential project that is owned by a third party.

2.5 – Any work completed by SiteGriffin that has not been paid for by the client belongs solely to SiteGriffin until payment is provided.

3- Material and Content

3.1 – SiteGriffin retains the right to refuse to work with any material or content that we deem inappropriate in any way. This may include unlawful content, offensive content, or any content that infringes copyright and permissions.

3.2 – SiteGriffin does not guarantee results when SEO practices are performed as part of the project.

4- Domain and Hosting

4.1 – Domain names are registered in the name of the client and not SiteGriffin. Clients will own their own domain name and are liable for the domain name.

4.2 – Clients are responsible for paying for domain names and renewal is not the responsibility of SiteGriffin.

4.3 – Clients may not transfer the website designed by SiteGriffin to another hosting platform should they request a refund. Any refund granted will mean SiteGriffin retains sole ownership of any work completed.

5- Payment Terms

5.1 – SiteGriffin has a refund policy in line with current law, please check our refunds page for further information.

5.2 – SiteGriffin will only ask for payment information from a client when/if they agree to SiteGriffin bearing the responsibility of setting up hosting and/or domain names.

5.3 – Payment must be completed promptly when requested.

5.4 – SiteGriffin will request 50% of the total invoice to be paid upfront. This is a non-refundable deposit. The remaining 50% is to be paid upon completion of any and all work performed by SiteGriffin.


6- Liability

6.1 – SiteGriffin is not liable for hosting providers ceasing services as SiteGriffin utilises a “reseller” hosting package and does not own the hosting service itself.
6.2 – SiteGriffin cannot and does not guarantee warranty concerning any project for longer than initially agreed.
6.3 – SiteGriffin is not liable for any damages/expense incurred as a result of malware, viruses, bugs or performance issues.
6.4 – SiteGriffin is not liable for anything that happens beyond its control.
6.5 – SiteGriffin is not responsible for carrying out any updates to the project to maintain legality unless they are paid for by the client.

7- Other

7.1 – The client agrees to accept these terms when an order is placed with SiteGriffinstaff.

7.2 – SiteGriffin retains the right to declare any contract and agreement of work null and void if payment is not delivered by the client.

7.3 – SiteGriffin retains the right to change and amend terms and conditions at any time without notice, any contract already agreed upon will be honoured by SiteGriffinin in the event of a change of terms.